Nearest Metro Station to Delhi Zoo

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If you are looking to visit the Delhi Zoo then it is important that you know which metro station is nearest to the zoo. The Supreme Court metro station is a good option if you want to visit this National Zoological Park (Zoo) because it’s very close to its entrance and can be reached within minutes by public transport or by foot. The nearest metro station to Delhi Zoo is Supreme Court metro station. Supreme Court is a station on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. The Supreme Court metro station was opened on 11 November 2006.

Delhi Zoo Nearest Metro Station

Metro Station NameLine
Supreme Court Metro StationBlue Line

The nearest metro station to Delhi Zoo is Supreme Court. It takes you about 10-15 minutes to reach the zoo by foot.

Delhi Zoo is a major tourist attraction in Delhi. It’s one of the most visited places in Delhi and attracts thousands of visitors every day. The zoo has many attractions, including animals from all over the world and some rare specimens such as elephants and lions.

If you want to book tickets online then you can visit the zoo’s official website.

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Distance From Supreme Court Metro Station

The distance from Delhi Zoo to Supreme Court metro station is approximately 2 km, and it takes around 10 minutes on a bus or auto ride.

Nearest Metro Station to Delhi Zoo

If you are looking for the nearest metro station to Delhi Zoo then you should try the following metro stations.

Metro Station NameDistanceLineGatesParkingLayoutContact No
Supreme Court Metro Station2 KmBlue Line3YesElevated8800793167
Khan Market Metro Station2 KmViolet Line3YesUnderground8800793218
Indraprastha Metro Station2 KmBlue Line2YesElevated8800793166

How To Reach Delhi Zoo by Metro

Delhi Zoo is located in the heart of New Delhi, and it’s easy to reach by metro. You can take the blue line metro and get off at the Supreme Court metro station. You can exit from gate no 1 and take an auto to reach Delhi Zoo. Also, You can cover the distance by walking at least 10-15 minutes to reach the Zoo.

Metro Timings

First Metro From Supreme Court05:42 AM
Last Metro From Supreme Court11:40 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

Which metro station is near by zoo?

The Supreme Court metro station is the nearest metro station to Delhi Zoo.

On which day Delhi Zoo is closed?

Every Friday Delhi Zoo is closed.

What is the price of Delhi Zoo ticket?

The Zoo entrance ticket price is Rs. 40 (adults), Rs. 20 (children), Rs100 (foreigners).

Is phone allowed in Delhi Zoo?

Yes, Mobile phones are allowed in Delhi Zoo.

Is camera allowed in Delhi Zoo?

Yes. Digital cameras are allowed in Delhi Zoo

What is the name of zoo in Delhi?

The name of the zoo is National Zoological Park.

Is Chidiya Ghar open?

Yes, Chidiya Ghar is open to the public.

What is the best time to visit the zoo?

The mornings and afternoons are the best times to visit the zoo to see the animals.

How many animals are in Delhi Zoo?

The total number of animals in the Delhi Zoo is 1347.

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