Nearest Metro Station To Eco Park Delhi

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If you want to know Eco park Delhi nearest metro station? Shastri Park metro station is the nearest metro station to Eco Park Delhi. Shastri Park is a station of the Delhi Metro. It is located on the Red Line. It was opened in 25 December 2002.

Eco Park Delhi Nearest Metro Station

Metro Station NameDistanceLineGatesPlatformsParkingContact No
Shastri Park Metro Station518 Meters Red Line22Yes8800793106

Distance From Shastri Park Metro Station to Eco Park Delhi

The Distance between the Shastri Park metro station to Eco Park Delhi is 518 Meters. It requires at least 10 minutes to reach Eco Park.

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How to Reach Eco Park by Metro

If you are traveling via metro and want to visit Eco Park then Shastri Park is the nearest metro station to Eco Park Delhi. You can exit from gate no 1 and It will take approx 10 minutes if you cover the distance by walking.

Metro Timings

First Metro From Shastri Park 05:45 AM
Last Metro From Shastri Park 11:15 PM

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