Nearest Metro Station to Purana Qila

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The nearest metro station to Purana Qila is Supreme Court Metro Station. It’s located on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro and it’s a short walk away from Purana Qila. It was opened to public on 11 November 2006.

Purana Qila Nearest Metro Station

Metro Station NameLine
Supreme Court Metro StationBlue Line

Purana Qila is a very popular tourist destination in Delhi. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a tomb for his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Purana Qila is a good place to visit. It’s a historical place and it has many things to see and do. If you have time, you should definitely go there with your family or friends!

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Distance From Supreme Court Metro Station to Purana Qila

The travel distance from the Supreme Court metro station to Purana Qila is 2.1 km which is approximately a 10-15 minute drive.

Nearest Metro Station to Purana Qila

Metro Station NameSupreme Court Metro Station
Distance2.1 KM
LineBlue Line
Contact No8800793167

How to Reach Purana Qila by Metro

If you are traveling to Purana Qila by metro, the closest metro station is Supreme Court. You can take a blue metro and get off at the Supreme Court metro station. You can take an auto or cab from the metro station to reach Purana Qila. If you are walking, it would take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to arrive at Purana Qila from the Supreme Court metro station.

Metro Timings

First Metro From Supreme Court05:40 AM
Last Metro From Supreme Court11:25 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Which metro station is for Purana Qila?

The Supreme Court Metro Station is the nearest metro station to Purana Qila.

On which day is Purana Qila closed?

The Purana Qila is closed every Friday.

What is the ticket price of Purana Qila?

The entry ticket price for Purana Qila is 30 Rs for Indians and 300 Rs for Foreigners.

Is food allowed in Purana Qila?

Yes, food is allowed in Purana Qila.

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